Who We Are

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Komon Financial was founded in 2013 by Nik Koumoundouros. We believe in a disciplined and process-oriented approach to prudent investing, founded in decades of academic research. Through these practices, we create portfolios comprised of globally diversified stocks, bonds, and real estate investments.

The markets can provide sound, consistent, and efficient investment opportunities – it is our role to advise our clients and help them participate responsibly in those markets.

It is the support and affection of those around me and different from me which motivates me to give support and affection while serving others. I believe our values make our firm unique. Our goal is to deliver an outstanding experience to every client.
— Nik Koumoundouros

Values are at the Heart of Our Firm

Komons Financial’s objective is to provide long-term security to investors through innovative solutions and client-driven planning strategies. We specialize in serving medical professionals, attorneys, LGBT families, and entrepreneurs.

Our services are tailored to these groups’ unique needs for financial guidance. It has been our experience that the marginalization these communities have endured socially has affected them financially. We believe there is an unspoken exigency to service the financial needs of these communities, but our aim is all encompassing. Our primary goal is to serve the needs of communities, in general, by truly understanding the client’s wishes.

Nik Koumoundouros,AIF®, WMCP®, CDFA®Founder & Wealth Manager

Nik’s ultimate goal is to provide security to his clients. When he founded Komons Financial, he was motivated by what he had seen during his 15 years in fine dining. He was fortunate to have spent his time working as a classically trained chef in renowned restaurants throughout France and Northern California. During this time, Nik developed his passion for serving the best interests of others.

Nik is an avid golfer, outdoorsman, and volunteer as well as a member of the Dallas chapter of Ducks Unlimited. He is alumnus of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, and President of the chapter’s Alumni Corporation Board at the University of North Texas. Nik still enjoys cooking and bird hunting with his Labrador retriever.

Nik is a native Texan and resides in Carrollton Texas.

Q & A with Nik

What is the best advice you received? Never give up.

When you are not at the office, you can often be found doing what? Spending time with my niece Petra, playing guitar, hunting, fishing, outdoors, shooting.

What is your favorite quote? In finance, everything that is agreeable is unsound and everything that is sound is disagreeable — Winston Churchill

Why do you do what you do? I believe in an individual’s opportunity, their natural right and obligation to provide for themselves and their family. Each person faces numerous opportunity costs along their journey to financial security – whether that is the cost of waiting, uncertainty, fear or simply not knowing what they should be doing. Conversely, conventional wisdom around financial security is contradictory at best, and more often just incorrect. This fuels an investor’s uncertainty and fear, and ultimately they fail to create an implement a financial plan that focuses on their goals and objectives.

As an advisor I have an obligation to challenge the status quo. My goal is always to provide my clientele with the best opportunity to achieve financial success by implementing and monitoring sound financial principals applied specifically to meet their goals and objectives. I do this by partnering with my clientele to provide advice and counsel through the working and retired years.

My all-time favorite role-model is: My father. He passed away in 1997. I admire and respect my father for everything he accomplished in his life. But his true legacy are the lessons and life experiences he left me after his death. I continue to learn from my father each and every day.

Areas of Practice

  • Risk management
  • Investment management and growth
  • Education planning and investments
  • Retirement income and distribution
  • Estate and income tax reduction
  • Legacy planning and creation

Professional and Civic Affiliations

  • Dallas chapter of Ducks Unlimited
  • Delta Sigma Phi fraternity – Alumni Control Board

Nik Koumoundouros

Founder & Wealth Manager
Office Address

2236 Woodcreek
Carrollton, TX 75006